Our Curriculum

Our child-centered curriculum provides educational excellence in an atmosphere of Christian love. We hope to guide each child’s expanding interests and abilities through positive relationships with other children and teachers and to meet each child’s spiritual, social- emotional, physical and intellectual needs. 

We use a hands-on curriculum focuses on the whole child and educates young children in the way that they learn naturally – through exploration, experimentation and play. Our teachers provide intentional and purposeful activities daily that support the development of each child.


Twice a week children attend a short chapel service led by Pastor Sherrill.  Christian concepts, Biblical stories, prayers, and songs are part of their daily learning.  The children also are involved in music class with Dr. Christensen and participate in singing, rhythm, and listening activities, and have the opportunity to play high-quality instruments on a regular basis.

Our center has adopted Creative Curriculum which builds on active learning through centers and involves children in investigating the world around them.  Weekly Bible lessons are taught with the One in Christ.


Quality Preschool and Childcare

Each child keeps a complete change of clothes at school in a Ziploc baggie. Parents change clothes out as their child grows and the seasons change.  We ask that parents label their child’s belongings which should  include a shirt, pants, socks, and underwear.